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  1. Davie Anderson says:

    For anyone who couldnt make it to the wee mans funeral
    I recalled a few incidents at work when the wee guy turned up pissed at wotrk one monday afternoon and as his union rep had to go to the shift managers office to defend him which turned into one of his funniest moments .
    He was asked if he had been drinking to which he replied no, he was asked two more times and denied saying it was from the night before ( he was melted ) the shift manager went through this for another 3/4 minutes and eventually he admitted that he had 1 pint on his way in ,after adding another 2 pints onto the answers he was asked how many he really had drunk and his reply was i dont know as i had been in the pub since 6 oclock in the morning and was not counting,.he was suspended from duty and was informed that he would have to come in the next day for a fact finding interview he replied in his usual style and said i dont mind being fxxxing suspended but im not coming in on my day off the manager burst out laughing and told him it was tuesday the next day , needless to say he got off with a warning and never done it again until the following week ,that was sinky great wee man who is sorely missed in the mail centre FTH

  2. Willie hill says:

    Met sinky pished in linekers bar majorca when the hearts played there had a great time 10am till late

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